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Artist Facilitator Spotlight! Meet Kay

A note from the fabulous Kay Armstrong, whom recently directed That's The Spirit, about what the Parramatta Mission workshop have been exploring on Monday's 1:30pm - 3:30pm: Myths and things.

Despite living in a ‘twitter world’ where our lives are compacted to less than 147 characters, we are creatures that tell stories, it is part of what it is to be human.

Your personal mythology is the story of your life seen looking backward. It is the classic hero’s journey with twists and turns, hi’s and lows, heroes and villains, slaying of dragons, long journeys, triumphs, and battles.

By telling stories we remember the past, invent our present and envision our future.

I can only make direct statements, only ”tell stories”. Whether or not the stories are “true” is not the problem. The only question is whether what I tell is my fable, my truth. - Carl Jung

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story - Mark Twain

As an artist, I totally believe in the potency of storytelling and how this can unleash a tide of creative expression. I also believe in having fun and the just playing for the sake of playing. I also believe that it is possible that we can reimagine our myths and create powerful and poetic theatre from the bedrock of our stories.

So this is what we are unraveling and unpacking at the moment in the workshops, between having a few laughs over cups of tea and enjoying making new friends.

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