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Youth workshops at Willmot Community Hub

This year Milk Crate Theatre established its first ongoing youth program at The Willmot Community Hub Western Sydney! Situated in the Blacktown Council area, and located just north west of Mt Druitt, the Willmot Community Hub has recently become reinvigorated by Jesuit Social Services. Milk Crate Theatre is but one organisation contributing to the vast program of activity at the Hub, with our creative workshops for girls 14-18. Thanks to the support of Jesuit Social Services and St George Foundation!

For terms 2 and 3 of this school year myself and Lauren Scott-Young ran workshops with the local girls in movement, games, theatre and improvisation…there were even a few ghost stories told!!

For term 4, the creativity is cranking up as Kevin Ng takes over as lead artist with Lauren to facilitate a digital storytelling workshop called “Art! Drama! Smartphones!”. To kick off the term, Kev and Lauren have started a short film competition which girls aged 14-18 in Willmot and surrounding suburbs can enter. All you have to do is film a short piece on your phone and then join the dynamic duo on Wednesday 25th October to be in the running for prizes! Check it out HERE.

“Art! Drama! Smartphones!” is in preparation for the making of a collaborative film in 2018, made by the young women in Willmot with Milk Crate Theatre. Stay tuned!

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