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My Milk Crate Theatre Experience So Far by Ravi T-Ray

First walking into Milk Crate Theatre, I was completely unaware of the excitements and eye opening experiences I was yet to comprehend. I had not known much about the organisation, apart from its ground-breaking engagement with a community of people who have a lived experience of homelessness. After meeting members of the Milk Crate Theatre community through some of the different workshops on offer, with a terrific staff, I have felt part of a magnificent group (which I have felt a special connection with). I have learned that Milk Crate Theatre is more than just a theatre company, but a space where anyone from any place can feel welcomed and open to their creative possibilities.

While on my first day, when I was completing some filing and paperwork, I could clearly see Milk Crate Theatre’s long history, and the events and challenges which have led up to it today. The support and kindness spread towards Milk Crate Theatre which I viewed was tremendous. I now realise that the organisation, which I am momentarily a part of, is such an open and sharing space.

On my second day, I witnessed a Milk Crate Theatre workshop, as the participants were working on an upcoming short film. The interactions and exercises used, I found, were extremely helpful and easy to understand. With its use of improvisation and group work, I understood how working together can really open up various thoughts, opinions and understandings.

Meeting with some of the participants has probably been the best part of my time working with Milk Crate Theatre. I have met numerous kind faces and fellow artists whom I have felt a warm compassion towards, knowing some of their lived experiences. This form of community service which the organisation provides, I viewed, has made a drastic change to the community and many people’s lives.

My week with Milk Crate Theatre has been an eye opening and highly moving opportunity for me on my school work experience. Participating in a theatre company that also provides community service has been more than a perfect environment for me. I have greatly enjoyed working at Milk Crate Theatre and hope to see more of it in the future.

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