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A major new work by Milk Crate Theatre

Exploring the absurd and the aware in the Natural Order of society

A perspective from people experiencing homelessness

An intimate and experiential exploration awaits audiences in Milk Crate Theatre’s new major performance work Natural Order coming to Petersham Town Hall in August.

In a company-wide collaborative work, that explores the societal systems that deem to create a natural order, the plot reveals the constructs that oppress certain groups and strangle hope and promise.

Over an 18-month development process, Milk Crate Theatre participants, with enigmatic and creative artistic practitioners, have developed a multi-layered production comprising live performance, film, comedy, text, drama, song, sound and light. Natural Order emerges from the everyday experiences of the company’s participants to explore the physical and emotional impacts on the human condition of being forced into preordained societal structures.

It is personal, political, philosophical and even spiritual. Tracking the journey of human existence from the natural state of promise at birth, through the instinctual needs of survival, to the unnatural impositions society arbitrarily imposes. Natural Order explores bureaucratic absurdity in a dystopian world, where ‘the natural order of things’ is shredded into disarray.

Artistic Director Margot Politis has explored a fully immersive 360 degree styled set that will take the viewers through a created world with the cast. With characters that are as comic and exuberant as they are dry and subversive, the performance will ensure the audience is energised, whilst also being challenged and confronted.

Politis has assembled an exceptionally talented team of artistic advisers to guide the development of the work with the performers: Kay Armstrong, James Brown, David Capra, Scott Witt, Sarah Emery, Graeme Rhodes, Paul Walker, Lucy Watson, Tim Hansen, Vashti Hughes, Felicity Nicol, Grace Partridge, David Molloy, and Jacqueline Marriott.

Interviews and images available.

Media Contact: Carolyn Grant | 0407898727 |


Devised and performed by participants of Milk Crate Theatre’s workshop program.

About the Show

Performances across Homelessness Week

August 2nd to 10th. Preview August 1st.

Petersham Town Hall, 107 Crystal St, Petersham

Tickets available from June

Performance run time - 75 mins

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

This project is also supported by The Inner West Council, City of Sydney and StreetSmart.

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