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Hello, and welcome to the world of Natural Order! We’ve been referring to it a lot, and saying “stay tuned a lot!" That’s because we have been embarking on an 18 month creative development to make this show, and haven’t wanted to give too much away before we open in August. But now we can start telling you what this show is all about, and start sharing some of the materials and ideas that have arisen over this time.

We’ve been working with Milk Crate Theatre participants across an amazing array of workshops in various art forms, facilitated by some of Sydney’s most exciting artists. This development period has been just as much about skills development as material making, in a glorious combination of performance, film, writing, visual art, cabaret and sound.


Natural Order is about social mobility (is it possible for anyone to climb up the ladder?) and systems (what even is the ladder?!). It is about how systems are created (who made this so-called ladder?) and how the rules imposed by these systems keep us trapped in cycles of frustration and confusion (I can’t get past the first rung – screw this ladder!!)


Participants have been developing material for 16 months now, in a range of different art forms. We deliberately made it multi art-form, so that people could contribute in the ways most comfortable to them (some people prefer to write, some people prefer to move, some prefer to contribute ideas). We did this by offering a range of workshops, and over this time, we have been collecting the material created in the workshops – saving it for the show in August!

The action will move through many spaces, and the audience with it. And the narrative journey will be told through a combination of live performance, film, sound and a moving set.

This website will be the Natural Order hub where you can find out more on the cast and crew, how we developed this work over the last 18 months, links to our current crowdfunding campaign and ticketing information.

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