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The Natural Order Film Suite

In our next look-back to last year's show, we present to you - the Natural Order Film Suite!

Natural Order was a multi-artform presentation, comprising live performance, a moving set, sound, film and cabaret. We created a number of short film pieces that served different functions in the show - some were projected onto giant screens, some formed a telling backdrop, and some served as key scenes in the work.

In this piece, Interview, Pauline and Shane enact an all too familiar scenario - where one person needs something, and the other person cannot access it for them, resulting in increasing frustration!! In the live performance, Pauline's face was projected on one side of the room, and Shane's on the other. This placed the audience in the middle of these two giant visages, wedged right in that tension point of the exchange!

Film Artist: David Molloy

These films were designed from the very beginning to be short pieces in and of themselves, in addition to playing their part in the show. We have now gathered them as a "suite" that we hope to tour around Australia! We have formatted them so that they can be displayed in a number of ways - as durational projection, as pieces that can be dotted around a space, or as films that place audience in the action, just like this one!

The Film Suite consists of seven films in total that speak to a wide range of topics and can be read in a myriad of ways. Below is a small glimpse into the world of Natural Order:

Screenshots from Natural Order Film Suite. Film Artist: David Molloy

If you'd like any further information about the Film Suite, please do contact us!

Screenshot from 'Orientation'. Film Artist: Kay Armstrong


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